Dynamometer Automation  
  Innosiv develops a challenging simulation and control system using FPGA and Real Time technology.  
  ATE over Ethernet  
  Innosiv develops turnkey ATE solutions using COTS and LabVIEW for production quality testing  
  Mission Critical Data Logging  
  Innosiv develops rugged and mission critical data logger using cRIO, FPGA and LabVIEW.  
  Repairing Composite Structures  
  Innosiv develops test and control application used for field repair of aircraft structures.  
  Optimizing Fuel Injection  
  Innosiv helps aviation research for optimizing turbine fuel injection with a laboratory automation.  
  Testing Radio Emission  
  Innosiv develops production test software for RF emission mask qualification.  
  Testing Automotive Parts  
  Innosiv develops comprehensive test automation software for automotive electromechanical assemblies.  
  Distributed Environmental Monitoring  
  Devloping a monitoring, logging and alarm management system for more than a hundred sensors.  
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